International Marijuana

Wholesalers and Distributors

Founded in 1974,
International Marijuana Wholesalers and Distributors,
the FIRST company in the world to exclusively offer
Marijuana Futures
to the public at large!

IMWD issued it's first certificates shortly after it's inception and has been enthusiastically embraced by the Public and Alternative Media.
IMWD was primarily formed to raise proceeds and funding for various groups and direct action organizations and networks
across the country and the world, actively supporting the LEGALIZATION of Cannabis and Hemp products and merchandise.
The formation of the Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition,(C.A.M.P.),in 1978
as well as the alliances established with YIP, CMI, and OMI proved to be a formidable force for direct action with articles,editorials
and ads in HIGH TIMES Magazine, OUI, CHIC, PLAYBOY, many other Publications and Mainstream News Media Resources.

Transactions of IMWD Futures and Merchandise helped finance the "First ATLANTA Smoke-In" in 1978.
It also contributed toward financing other events and venues including the FIRST smoke-ins in
Gainesville, Florida in 1979 and in Athens, Georgia in 1980.
After alliances were formed with the California and Oregon Marijuana Initiatives in 1979, thousands of certificates and shirts
had been sold nationwide to finance the states 1980 CAMPaigns for Cannabis reform.

Initially offering ONE DOLLAR,($1),JOINT, FIVE DOLLAR,($5),OUNCE, and FIFTY DOLLAR,($50),POUND ($50) Certificates,
proved to be one of the most successfully implemented CAMPaigns for reform by
Tom Forcade, then founder of HIGH TIMES magazine and supporter of the coalition.
He generously donated monthly ads in the magazine for years while supporting a national outreach for both direct action events
including the historic July 4th White House Smoke-In back in 1975.
$1 Certificate $5 Certificate
$50 Certificate
Most significantly, the future founders of CAMP were to meet and orchestrate future direct action events and venues.
~ Shay Adams, Dana Beal, Paul Cornwell, Gatewood Galbraith, Ed Rosenthal ~
International Marijuana

After a thirty seven year quest toward reformation,
Ready to re-ignite the movement again!

Giving Pot a Future


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